Thursday, December 26, 2013

Nobody said it would be pretty.

Last week, my hubby went to a Redskins game (HTTR!), leaving Lu and I to fend for ourselves. I decided to head out to hang with my folks and (hopefully) get a nice long run in while Lu got some quality grandparent time. Of course, again, its a rainy day. Blah with the flippin' rain already! Anyway, I planned to do my thing anyway...what's a little rain? Whateves.

Well, if you're going out to see Maw & Paw on a Sunday, you can bet your tushy that you're gonna end up going to church, unless you're a horrible person who's gonna let your Ma down at Christmas. So, we went to church and then hit up one of our favorite little Mexican spots. My kiddo loves some guacamole and salsa. "Ok," I'm thinking, "its all good, I just won't eat much and still feel good for a run after we get home." Now, I don't know about you but I cannot resist that dang white sauce at a Mexican restaurant. That mess is the BOMB. I tried to restrain myself, but probably had about a bowl of chips. Lucy and I shared a quesadilla; I tried to take it easy so I wouldn't feel like a total cow while I was running. Unfortunately, I love quesadillas almost as much as I love white sauce. It didn't help that I was starving. Anyway, we headed home and I got Lucy settled with Mimi and headed back out in the drizzling rain to get my miles in before the downpours that were headed our way arrived. The weather guys said I had about 3 hours before it would get nasty out there. When will I learn to stop listening to those fools?!

I headed to Powhatan Courthouse to run the trails of Fighting Creek Park and around the quaint little sidewalk areas surrounding the courthouse. My brother put on his first 5k out at Fighting Creek Park last month; it was a great success! He did a wonderful job of organizing everything and hopefully bringing out a lot more trail runners to the park. Check out this link The trails are super nice and connect nicely with the roads and sidewalks in the area, providing ample mileage when you combine the two.

The beginning of my run was smooth; rainy but smooth. I really like the trails at Fighting Creek; however the end of the trail system isn't quite completed, and I came out behind Scottville in the Courthouse, which is under constant development and is covered with red clay. That made for an interesting little trek; my shoes weighed about 10lbs each on the other side of that spot. I forgot my hat at my Mum's house (drat!), so the raindrops are smacking me in the face. Nevertheless, I felt pretty good for the first 4-5 miles, considering the white sauce sloshing in my belly and the steady rain getting heavier with every mile. Red clay, rain in my face, bring it on.

And then I felt it...that feeling. That feeling of my Mexican "mini-lunch," ready to make its exit. "Oh, dear." Now, most runners have had this happen to them, and its never pleasant. Damn white sauce. Of course, I'm nowhere near the local restaurants or the port-a-john that I sometimes have to dart into. I'm in the middle of the flippin' forest in the pouring rain. Cursing my decision to eat a single morsel of Mexican food, I do what has to be done. In the woods. With a leaf for toilet paper. Three times.

Of course, by the time I'm done squatting in the woods like a buffoon, wiping my ass with a wet leaf (three times), and attempting to regain some form of focus/composure, that storm that was supposed to arrive in a few hours decides to make an early entrance. At this point, I look at my mileage. 10 miles. Yup, that'll do.

This marathon journey has already been a wild little adventure, and I've still got miles and miles to cover before the finish line. Its sweaty, muddy and it sure ain't always pretty. And, sometimes, 10 miles is enough.