Thursday, January 16, 2014

Days 'Til Marathon- 57

Today's Location- Pocahontas State Park
Trails- Fendley Station, Loop Trail, Fendley Station B
Distance- 4.35 miles
Avg Pace- 10:08 min/mile

Today was my first trail-run since the Willis River 35k and also my first real run since the death of local marathoner Meg Menzies. I did a lot of recovering on today's run, letting my legs loosen up and getting back to business after taking a few day's rest after the muddy adventure that was Willis River. I also thought a lot about Meg. It was a pensive, grateful, beautiful morning jog with my critters. 

On Monday, fellow Richmond runner and Boston Marathoner Meg Menzies was killed along a stretch of road in Hanover County around 8:15AM, while out for her morning jog. A drunk driver struck and killed her. Just like that, her husband became a widower and her 3 beautiful young children lost their Mom. I haven't been able to stop thinking about those kids and her entire family. I didn't know Meg personally, but her photos look very familiar; I'm sure I've seen her around at local races with the RRRC. Her death has struck so many of us in the running community as well as the world. Such a preventable and heart-breaking tragedy has brought together people from all around the world to bring more awareness to distracted drivers, drunk drivers and running/cycling safety. 

On Saturday, Jan 19, friends of Meg have organized #megsmiles, a world-wide event in which runners and walkers dedicate whatever distance they complete on Saturday to Meg, her husband, children and family. I'll definitely be thinking about and praying for Meg's family during my run on Saturday, but I thought about them during today's run as well. 

Snow-covered tree branches along Fendley Station

It was a serene morning, chilly but gorgeous. The dogs were SO happy to be out on the trail again; it had been about a week since I'd gone out with them; partly because of the nasty weather, partly because I didn't feel like smelling the stench that inevitably follows a trail run with those crazy mutts. As I type this, they are quarantined in the kitchen until I muster up the motivation to throw them in the bathtub. Anyway, today was their lucky day; I just wanted to get a few easy miles in and the weather held off, making it a perfect day for us to hit the dirt (or mud, as it was).

Saturday will be another "resting" run, to complete recovery from the ridiculous 35k last weekend. Then, with just 8 training weeks until the Marathon, it'll be time to get back with the program. March 15th is showtime!