Thursday, March 13, 2014

Getting Antsy

Days 'Til Marathon- 2

This tapering stuff isn't easy! I'm getting really jittery and ready to do this already! My last real long run (21 miler) was almost 3 weeks ago; it feels like its been 3 months! After a 12-miler 2 weeks ago and last weeks' 8-miler, I'm super rested and all this waiting around is making me nervous. I've never done a 3-week taper before; I usually can't sit still that long before a big race. But, this is my first marathon, so for once in my life, I'm taking the "listen to other people's advice" approach.'s hard!

On Tuesday I took Val for an easy 30-minute jog over at Larus Park, a Richmond City park near the Old Stony Point shopping center. What a hidden little gem that is! My brother lives close-by and has been telling me about that park for a while, but it took me about a year to finally get over there (did I mention I sometimes have trouble listening to advice from those who love me?). Anyway, it was such a fun little run and Val had a ball. Lots of water to splash around in and plenty of squirrels and birds to terrify. Score.

Since it was my first time exploring those trails, we did a lot of out and backs, but really enjoyed the terrain.

Here's a link to the Park info and trail map:

Trail Mutt @ Larus Park, RVA

Yesterday I took resting very seriously. Here's my to-do list (like anyone cares about that!?):

1. Eat breakfast. Coffee & bagel. Check.
2. Light Cross-training.  Nice walk with BFF. Exercise time and girl-talk. Check.
2. Play with Lu. Ponies and Monster Trucks. Check.
3. Watch Teen Mom 2. Those bitches be crazy. Check.
4. Eat again. Humongous (and delicious) baked potatoes with a giant salad. Yum. And check.
5. Take a shower. Dang, I knew I forgot something.
6. Go to bed early. Movie night (Super Bad, SO funny) ice cream and lights out. Check.

Now you can see why this part of my training schedule is challenging. How lazy can you get?!

I must admit, I'm starting to understand this whole 3-week taper thing. I feel rested, fueled, focused and ready to rock & roll. The weather looks perfect for Saturday, sunny and 61. Tomorrow's agenda: pick up race swag and eat a giant plate of pasta. I think I can handle that.