Wednesday, September 10, 2014

50k Training- GO!

Days 'til Seashore 50k- 100

Looks like I'm back in the training saddle after a nice long, semi-lazy summer. It was super nice to not be worried about my mileage for a while; I tried to just enjoy each run, going whatever distance felt right that day. My main goals over the summer were:

1. Don't get too fat
2. Don't take more than 3 days off in a row.

I was successful at the 2nd thing. I feel sluggish and weird if I take too many days off anyway, so that wasn't too hard. The first thing, well, let's just say I've got a little extra cushion to show for all those margaritas and nachos. Oh well. I friggin' love margaritas.

Anyway, let's talk calendars. Leading up to the 50k in December, I've got 2 half-marathons lined up to keep me entertained through my training. The Cumberland Multi-Use-Trail 1/2 Marathon is up first, October 5th @ Bear Creek Lake. Then, in November I'll travel to Moab Utah (YIPPEEE!!!) for what's sure to be a super fun and challenging 13.1 miles on the red rocks. Its also a great excuse to visit my awesome old trail-buddy friend who happens to live in the area. I. Can't. Wait!

Those race dates will be here in a hot second, so I better get my tushie in gear.

Bring it.

This week has been a big one around the Baltz house. Lucy started ballet and preschool and I began my first real week of 50k training. My hubby also started a new bowling league (hoo-rah!). Oh, and Lucy has conveniently decided that big kids don't take naps. Now THIS is going to take some getting used to. The house is a wreck, I'm ready for bed at 8pm and the laundry is epic, but other than that, we're in good shape.

Cute little munchkin, off to school!

Yesterday was Lu's first day of preschool and my first day of morning-run bliss. I dropped her off in her new big-girl class and popped over to Rockwood Park for a nice little 5-miler to get the week started off right. The weather was perfect for trail-running. Not too hot or humid, nice little breeze blowing. Oh, YEAH.

 I popped in my headphones (Pandora is the best thing ever), and pulled up my Nike running app. Rock and Roll.

The first song to pop up, Phil Collins Easy Lover. Also known as MY JAM.
Heck YES!

I love running at Rockwood; their orange trail is a nice, hilly 1.5 mi loop. I love running hands-free, so I'll leave my water stashed behind a log and settle in for a few laps around the park. Feeling particularly frisky yesterday, I decided midway through the first loop that I would go for negative splits on each of the 5miles I planned to log. This will keep things interesting! I don't know if it was my sweet music, the weather or the fact that preschool started that day (WHOOPEEE!!!), but I was feeling it. After an awesome run, I still had time to shower, snack and play with my new Ukulele a little before picking up my girl from school. Dang, I love fall.