Sunday, October 26, 2014

Pass It On.

The world can be a dark and unfair place. There are plenty of mean people, lots of scary news and an abundance of negativity in the world. Tell me something I don't know. Watching the news almost always seems like a bad idea about 3 minutes into the broadcast. There's plenty of scary to go around; I try to focus on the good.

The kind.

The positive.

I've been blessed by countless acts of kindness and positivity along my journey as a runner (and a person). These unexpected little moments always seem to happen at exactly the right time; when I need them the most. I've so frequently been on the receiving end of these gifts of positive energy; I try to pass the joy along every chance I get.

Positivity. That's where its at. Thanks to everyone who has sent it in my direction.

Pass it on.

Text messages: Not just for sending naked selfies to your boyfriend.
In the days leading up to my first marathon this past Spring, I got a few encouraging text messages from one of my cousins who happens to be an IRONMAN. These well-timed messages probably took him just a few seconds to shoot my way, but they made a world of difference. Just to know that he was thinking of me and proud of what I'd done (even before I'd completed the 26.2), meant so much. If you're impressing an IRONMan, you're doing something right.

When you least expect it...
I was jogging through the neighborhood the other day. As a car passed slowly by, the driver stuck her head out the window. As I darted towards the ditch, trying to get out of the way, (waiting to be yelled at...or worse), she grinned and hollered "Lookin' good! Keep up the great work!" as her little blue car went by, CoExist sticker proudly smacked on the rear. Dang, I didn't see that one coming.

Pat yourself (and somebody else) on the back.
I love passing the same runners day after day. The camaraderie I feel towards fellow runners, especially those I see frequently out on the trail, is pretty awesome. We are on the same journey, though our paths lead in different directions. Lets encourage each other, offer words of encouragement, smile, even throw up a high-five (or a fist-bump...this IS flu season, ya'll). Feed off the positive energy of others and share yours freely with them. Positivity is free, and its awesome.

In the past few months, I've sent random text messages of encouragement to other runners and athletes in my life, on the eve of major events, hoping to keep the chain of positivity going. I've stuck my own head out of my car window in order to cheer for a passing runner in my neighborhood. I've offered high-fives to my fellow trail runners, some of whom were so surprised that they burst out laughing as our hands connected. It was a bright spot in their day and mine; we shared a moment, a smile and now, probably about a thousand sweaty germs.  You're welcome!

There's a quote I've been sort of obsessed with lately, just can't seem to get it out of my head. It seems relevant every day, in every situation.