Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! I've got a ridiculous amount to be thankful for; its overwhelming to think about how blessed I am in this life I've been given. I'm thankful for a husband who doesn't give me a hard time (very often) about disappearing into the woods for a few hours at a time every Saturday morning.  My running buddies have 4 paws each and make every mile on the trail interesting (and protect me from bears and squirrels). My daughter has taught me patience and filled my heart with so much love and joy. I thank God for my family (4-legged and otherwise), today and every day.

OK, I've got a date with the pavement this morning. Honestly, I don't find many things less enticing than pounding out a run in my cute but totally boring neighborhood. However, its Thanksgiving and I've got 2 casseroles to make, so we gotta get this run knocked out today. I'll take the scenic route on the trail on Saturday. I plan on eating the biggest piece of pie you've ever seen later today, so it's time to burn up some pavement.

Happy Thanksgiving! Que the Christmas music!