Monday, July 21, 2014

Sober Streak

My drinking is getting in the way of my running. I'm the sort of person who doesn't do anything half-way. Lack of moderation: its the reason I'm drawn to long-distance-running and the reason I have a hard time sipping just one glass of wine. One extreme or the other...that's usually how I roll.

Because I'm not a moderate/halfway sort of person, I've struggled to find the middle ground between being a total lush (the one passed out in the grass) and a party-pooper (the tea-sipping yoga freak). The big magnifier in this situation is my love for running. You've never fully appreciated your hang-over until you're crawling your way through a long run, blurry, bloated and full of regret over the last night's antics.  I've admittedly had more than one long run during which I was focused not on the trail, but on the bad decisions made the night before, kicking myself for being such a moron. Running (if you can call it that) while semi-hung-over, foggy and fat is NO fun.
I've reached the conclusion that I really can't have my cake & eat it too (well that only took 30 years). To run or to booze, that's the question.
Well, when you put it that way, the answer is obvious.

I love wine and I love to have a good time. BUT, I need to run. Running makes me feel strong, invigorated and alive. Plus, I'm starting to realize that I usually have more fun sober. Life is crisper, brighter and more cheerful. I'm a better wife, mother AND runner when I leave the cork in the wine. Waking up the next morning feeling great is a nice bonus.
So, I'm presenting myself with a little (or BIG) challenge: A 30-day Sober Streak.
I'm sorry, WHATT?!
...yeah, right.
Ok, so I'm sure there will be some easy days and some hard days over the next month, but I'm up for the challenge and curious to see how I'll feel after a little break from the booze.

Of course, we leave for OBX next weekend, so that will make things interesting. Sober & vacation don't really go together, but I'll do the best I can!

(with juice, for now, folks)